Swasthya Santulan Medicare Pvt. Ltd

Swasthya Santulan Medicare Pvt Ltd is founded and established to give painless, harmless, result-oriented relief and to heal health ailments of chronically ill patients through the natural process.

The first Director of the company is Mr. Sarang Satarkar. Apart from being the CEO of IT companies, he has a vision and intention to undertake research works to establish the mechanism of Acupuncture science and evaluate its effectiveness & to organize research program with the view of the acupuncturist science to the common people at large simplest and common form.

The Second Director of company is Acu. Sumita Satarkar. She is a world-renowned Acupuncturist who is highly acclaimed and regarded in the Acupuncture field. She has a goal to give painless relief to all those who are suffering from chronic illnesses and at the same time providing them accurate diagnosis from traditional methods of pulse diagnosis. She is also awarded with International Excellence Award.


Sumita’s Professional Experience of more than 21 Years as a practicing consultant of Acupuncture & Pulse diagnosis has cured and brought well being to almost 3000 + acute and chronic patients.

Sumita Satarkar is a proud awarded of Mother Teresa National Award, for the kind service rendered to the patients. Out of many such awards few to mention here are, Asia Acupuncture excellence from Bangkok, Acupuncture Excellence India Award, Rashtriya Acupuncture Ratna., Rajiv Gandhi Excellence National Award, Pragati Mahila rajyastariya purskar, Kartutva Gaurav Purskar , Gaurav Award, Dhanvantari Award, Health Excellence Award etc.

Sumita’s Research Contribution comprises of more than 800 lectures and paper presentations creating acupuncture awareness in different social organizations in India as well as Overseas. She has conducted Training Workshops for Maratha Federation of Mauritius as well as various elite institutes in India.

Sumita Satarkar is Accredited as Life Member to “Acupuncture Association of India” and member to “All Tamil nadu Alternative Practitioners Association”, “International board of alternative medicine acupuncture” and “society for study of classical acupuncture, USA”. Sumita Satarkar today, continues her research and education through SAHEACCI to create a better and healthy world for mankind.