Human Energy Bodies


Human Energy Bodies
Human Energy Bodies As BIO– Energy System Energy Bodies

All the human organs correspond to energies fluctuating in the cosmos. According to ancient techniques, subtle words of the cosmos create our individual bodies. Like in the universe our energetic system consists of 7 worlds and has 7 primary bodies or auric layers that interact with each other. These bodies consist of the energy of the corresponding universal worlds accordingly deal with them and receive the energetic information from them. Besides the physical bodies, our individual energy system consists of ether, astral, mental, karmic, intuitive, nirvana, and absolute subtle energetic bodies that form our Aura – Human Energy Field or Bio-Energy System.

All subtle bodies in a human energy system communicate with each other and all with the physical body, through the energetic transformers- Chakras. Chakras transform cosmic universal life support energies into human energy system.

In Sanskrit, the chakra is a wheel of life. Indian tradition considers invisible chakras as centers of consciousness. All humans have chakras whether we aware or not. In fact, Chakras are centers of different levels of consciousness ranging almost bodily to highly spiritual.

Healthy chakras spin all the time bringing energy to the physical body and all its energy layers. Chakras play a very important role in well-being and health. The locations and functions of the major chakras are closely related to the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system. The chakras are located on the spinal cord, the head, and the heart plexus.

The 1 st Chakra – ( Muladhar ) The Root Chakra It is located in the coccyx. The colour is red. This chakra represents the physical body & corresponds to it.
The 2nd Chakra- ( Swadhishthana)- The sacral chakra It is located in the sacrum (lower abdomen) . The colour is orange. The Chakra represents either energetic body & corresponds to it.
The 3rd chakra- ( Manipura) – The Solar Plexus It is located 5th lumber vertebra. Colour is yellow. It is related to astral body. It depends on emotional condition of the person & can change its form due to personal conditions.
The 4th Chakra is Anahata ( The heart chakra) It is located in 5th thoracic vertebra (chest). The colour is green. It is related to the mental body. ( mind, related to intellect).
The 5th Vishudha ( The Throat Chakra) Located at thyroid level. Colour is blue. Related to karmic.
The 6th Chakra is Ajna (Third eye) It is located on forehead. The colour is blue. It is connected to the intuitive body ( Intutions). It is a center of physical energy.
The 7 th chakra ( Sahasrara) The Crown It is located on top of the head. The colour is white. It is a center of psychic energy & the only chakra that follows its absolute subtle body absolute in cosmic spheres after death. It is the centre of psychic energy of the human organism, though this chakra we connect to the “ Divine Centre”

Chakra is a wheel-like spinning vortex that penetrates the physical body with the outer ends of each vortex forming a specific layer of the auric field. The circular motions form a vacuum in the center that draws everything it encounters at its particular vibrational level. It is then processed and returned to the auric field. The major 7 chakras of the human body are aligned along the spinal column while secondary chakras are located in the palms, the soles and in the arms and legs.

In the study of the anatomy of the aura it is important to understand the significance of the chakra system. The chakras exist on all levels of the aura and serve as linking mechanisms between the auric field and the physical body as well as linking mechanisms between different levels of the auric field itself. It is usually believed that the 3 lower chakras correlate to basic needs – those of survival, procreation, and will. The 4 higher chakras are concerned with our psychological make-up – defining love, communication, knowledge, and connection with the spiritual realms.