Concept of CHI

The Chainese believe that energy flows through the human body continuously. This is a vital motivating force , which burns like a fuel all through one’s life. It is called Qi or CHI or Vital energy . Indian philosophers who share this idea know it as Prana. Indian yogis call it Prana wayu. In theosophy or Anthroplogy it is called Ether or etheric body. Ch iAs long as Prana or prana wayu exists in the body , the heart beats, the brain works , the lung breathe & the whole organism stays as a living miracle. This principle of prana is quite similar to the traditional Chinese concept of Qi or Chi or the energy of life.

T he Qi is universal & present at all times. If the flow Qi ceases ,it is death. It is formed continuously & utilized continuously in one’s body. It permeates all living cells & tissues in the body & pervades the entire universe. It is invisible force responsible for all the activities of life.It can not be seen or measured but can be palpated. As energy is used continuously in the body ,it is also formed continuously by 2 factors.
1. Intrinsic – From digested & assimilated food products inside the body.
2. Extrinsic – O2 & water taken from outside.

Energy which is applicable to the human body is called vital energy. In other words Qi which can be manipulated with the acupuncture needle is called ‘jing –qi’ or vital energy which circulates in the meridians. Life process is activated & maintained by the energy or the vital force. Law of nature is formed by the behaviour of this vital force

e.g. rhythm,periodicity, polarization & depolarization. The human body carries certain amount of Qi at birth. This quota of energy given to one’s body is definite {say x+y}. The energy of the internal circuit can not be created or eliminated, only transformed from one place to another . It is depleted by the daily activities of the body & augmented by the intake of food & air. Depletion or reinforcement , when in balance , maintain growth & health but imbalance results in ill health & absence of energy is death. Purpose of Acupuncture is to balance the imbalanced energy by giving needles at acupuncture points.